Delivery Terms

Wallaby Hill is not responsible for the item delivery and does not accept responsibility for an item once it has left our premises. Whilst every care is taken to ensure accurate and safe delivery, we cannot guarantee unforeseen circumstances, such as theft or damage, or a parcel not arriving at a certain time or place.

Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy does not apply to garments which have been worn, used or damaged after delivery.

Customers will be responsible for shipping garments back to us for refund or exchange.

If you have changed your mind, we may offer you a refund by way of store credit voucher, provided that the return

  • Is made within 30 days of purchase
  • You provide satisfactory proof of purchase – the responsibility is on you as the buyer to supply the proof of purchase
  • The merchandise is in as-new saleable condition, that is it is unworn/unused with all original sealed packaging & tags attached and undamaged, the product is free from hair, dirt, dust etc, and in the case of rugs, the rug bag is unmarked in any way, and in the case of liquid, powder, gel products, the seal is not broken or tampered with; and
  • The item is not subject to the exclusions listed below


  • Items that are bought on clearance
  • Items that have had tags removed or damaged or packaging marked in any way.
  • Items returned dirty or with hair etc, or missing/damaged part of the packaging
  • Items that have had their seal broken.
  • Items bought from other retail outlets who stock Bucas products


If you wish to change the size or style or colour the above return conditions still apply.

We cannot guarantee that we will have the item available by the time the original is returned so please email before sending the item back.

Change of mind includes needing/wanting a different size, style, fit, colour or that you no longer need it. If we don’t have the exact specification in stock at the time of return your store credit will still be available for 1 year.

Proof of purchase

Refunds by store credit voucher for change of mind must be accompanied by any one of the following proof of purchase documents for change of mind:

  • Original receipt tax invoice (electronic or photograph will be accepted)
  • Online Tax Invoice (order confirmations will not be accepted)

Please note that our team members are not responsible for proving your purchase. You must supply the proof of purchase, which our team members can validate.

Return address:      Wallaby Hill. PO Box 3081. Robertson, NSW 2577

All garments must be returned in their original condition with labels intact and no sign of hair.

Faulty Items:

If you believe an item is faulty or defective, please provide by email:

  • a copy of your proof of purchase as described above
  • a photograph of the item in question
  • a photograph of the fault and a description of the issue
  • where applicable a copy of the batch number found on the size label situated on the front left shoulder of the rug.

We will assess the information provided to determine whether we can resolve the issue while the item remains with you subject to further information we may request, or if we require your item to be returned to us (postage fees may apply).

It may be necessary for us to send your goods to the manufacturer or their service agent for it to be assessed within a reasonable period of time.  If the goods or service has a major failure, you may reject the good or service and seek a refund, exchange or repair. If the failure is minor, we will repair the item (or, at our discretion, we may replace the item or refund you) within a reasonable time.

Goods presented for repair may be repaired with non-exact colour matches. Refurbished parts may be used to repair goods.

Where an item is damaged through misuse, neglect, general wear and tear or abnormal use, Bucas Australia will not provide a refund, exchange or repair.

Some goods supplied by Bucas Australia are eligible for a manufacturer guarantee up to 3 years. Please ensure you have registered your guarantee following the instructions provided attached to the product on purchase.

Items Not Considered A Fault:

  • Minor differences in colour – different monitors can show colours slightly different to real life, different lights may affect some colours/fabrics in how they are represented and the time of year/quality of light original stock photo is taken in may also have a slight affect on colour.
  • Tears in rug fabric. All rugs have different degrees of strength. They are worn by animals that are unpredictable and that despite all ours and your best efforts, can still cause mischief that is not the fault of the rug fabric.
  • Fading of colour – due to more environmentally & human friendly processes being enacted in some countries of production, not all pantones of colour, and not all items within the same style will hold their original colour in the face of exposure to UV and weather. This does not affect your Australian Consumer guarantee of the functionality of the item.

Return tender

For items returned that meet our returns policy, a store credit voucher will be supplied for the value to be used on the website that the original purchase was made. This voucher will have a 2 year expiry date from issue.

If a garment is faulty, please let us know as soon as possible – do not wash or wear it. Contact or telephone 02 4885 2406.

Our Returns Policy does not apply to garments which have been worn, used or damaged after delivery.

Customers are responsible for shipping garments back to us for refund or exchange.

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